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Roofcamp is set for another awesome meetup this Saturday, July 30th at Calle Sirocco Resto Lounge, Bel-Air, Makati.

The three-hour meetup will play host to the following speakers:

1. Philip Cheang, Kenneth Yu and Wilhansen Li of by.implication

The trio is 2010's Microsoft Imagine Cup Game Design winners. Their winning entry is Wildfire, a "collective social action game", which is avaiable for download FREE from their website.

Check out their demo here:


2. Ibba Rasul-Bernardo for Ride for Light

Ibba shares his experience on the 19-day, 6,600-kilometer motorcycle adventure ride athat stretches to far end points of the Philippine map.


Join us on this no-door charge, free-beer meetup here!

Check out Roofcamp on their main site and Facebook page. Add them up on Twitter! ]]>
Upcoming Philippine Tech Events (July to August 2011) http://www.micro.ph/one/upcoming-philippine-tech-events-july-to-august-2011 Mon, 18 Jul 2011 17:31:03 +0800 Microphone Tech Event Schedule http://www.micro.ph/one/upcoming-philippine-tech-events-july-to-august-2011
Credits: Piotr Banasik from previous PhRUG meetup. Check out the blog below for their upcoming event.

The Local Tech Community seems to be very busy this month, events as far as the south are coming up!

PinoyJUG Java 7 Release Party
Monday, July 18th,  8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
The Association of Filipino Java developers will host a Java 7 release Party. talks will center on developments on Java technology.

GTUG Philippines July 2011 Meetup
Wednesday, July 20, 2011, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
If you are into HTML and Google Chrome, you're in for a treat! Brian Tan Seng and Jomer Tingcal will lead the series of talks about HTML 5 and Chrome Extension Development. 

DevCon Project Management Camp Davao 2011
Thursday, July 21, 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM
PhilDev, IBM Philippines, Morphlabs, Exist and DabaweGNU brings you a half-day IT Project Management Camp on Agile technologies and development. Open mike and networking follows.

PhRUG July 2011 Meetup
Thursday, July 21, 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
This meetup is sponsored by Devex.

Cebu GNU/Linux Users Group Talk
Friday, July 29, 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Linux, GNU and Open Source Software enthusiasts in the South, rejoice! This meetup will host talk topics on Google+, Meego overview plus demo and Backdoor Sheels and IRC robots.

Windows Phone 7 Game Olympics 2011
Mobile Developers group hosts a two-occassion affair on mobile game applications. Got a game app up your sleeve? This is the best avenue to share it to the community.

Form, Function and Class: A Community-Organizaed Web Design Conference
Have a knack for design? Yearn to learn from the community's best designers? This two-occassion affair will cover and expose you to developments and tricks on HTML, CSS, JS, Usability/UX, Branding, Business and the future of web design.

We heard WebGeek PH is cooking up a web design event for its Freelancing seminar series on August 13th. Roofcamp is gearing to jolt startup aficionados with a weekender event slated for October.

If you need help organizing and fostering your tech event or group, we'd be happy to. For the Filipino Geek Brand.

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Upcoming Philippine Tech Events (June 2011) http://www.micro.ph/one/upcoming-manila-tech-events-june-2011 Tue, 14 Jun 2011 18:24:52 +0800 Microphone Tech Event Schedule http://www.micro.ph/one/upcoming-manila-tech-events-june-2011 Looking to hit tech events in your area this June? Check out these local events:

Philippine Ruby User Group (PhRUG) June 2011 Meetup
Thursday, June 16th, 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
After their successful run of the Ruby Rumble Practice at Ubertor Hackerspace/OTD Offices, Ruby enthusiasts meet up over popular Ruby topics at the Friendster Philippines Offices.
Sign up for this Event Here!

Freelancing for WebGeeks (Series #1 of WebGeek.ph 2011 Seminars)
Saturday, June 18th, 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
WebGeek.ph will host a two-hour seminar with a comprehensive guide to starting your freelancing career. Bryan Bibat of PhRUG and a freelance web developer, and Jonathan Martin of Motion28Studio.com were invited as speakers. Event will be held at Exist TechBar.
Sign up for this Event Here!

Tech Talks from Cebu and Beyond hosts a Meet and Greet Mixer
Saturday, June 16th, 6:00 - 9:00 PM
If you are in Cebu, bring your business card and do not miss the highly-anticipated tech mixer from Cebu-based tech community Tech Talks from Cebu and Beyond at CEDF-IT Headquarters at Asiatown IT Park Cebu.
Sign up for this Event Here!

Accenture Technology Talks
Thursday, June 23rd, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Learn the latest in Windows Phone apps development using .NET. Catch the exclusive preview of Windows Phone 7.1 Mango!
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Discussion Video: Miguel Paraz talks about Wholesale Application Community (WAC) at Philippine Tech Startups 3 at Ubertor/OTD Offices, BGC, Taguig http://www.micro.ph/one/discussion-video-miguel-paraz-talks-about-wholesale-application-community-wac-at-philippine-tech-startups-3-at-ubertor-otd-offices-bgc-taguig Fri, 03 Jun 2011 13:46:43 +0800 Microphone Tech Startup http://www.micro.ph/one/discussion-video-miguel-paraz-talks-about-wholesale-application-community-wac-at-philippine-tech-startups-3-at-ubertor-otd-offices-bgc-taguig Migz Paraz shares exciting news about Wholesale Applications Community, an online market and tool to help web developers develop and distribute web apps.

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What else does WAC enforce?

Good point, one more thing WAC enforces is something they call compliance. Given the spec that I showed, devices  which are WAC 1. 0  compliant, they have a test suite. They have to pass a certain test. The playing video, is one of the test they have to pass. The reason will cause a lot of problems. From user point of view, from the developer. If you have a mismatch between what's advertised and what your device is capable of.

What changes will be seen in WAC 2.0?

From the actual spec currently from WAC 1.0, the actual spec for video is not very tightly defined. In the next version WAC 2.0, we decided to use the HTML 5 audio and video and the codecs, but you might ask that, sure we have that debate about what codec to use. Since it started it's been H264 and then now Google  is making some noise about no, we wanna push WEBM VP8 as the codec. Those were some of the topics that have been affecting WAC, because basically WAC and the operators do not build the device. We have to rely on the vendors to build them for us.

How does it handle offline data storage?

We have two things. One is for simple data, the widgets API  W3C has this simple preferences system. It is just key value. If your talking about advanced stuff, we need to use HTML 5, local storage.

Is it similar to how you would develop a Palm app?

If it is Palm web OS, I think web OS is using web kit. Like for example WEB OS, they made their own heavy weight system on top of the web browser. WAC is  very simple. The website is unpacked. You just put on it locally and zip it up, that's already a widget. Get your contents, zip it up, add 1 config file and that's it. Now when you want to do the devices APIs that when you add more stuff.

Can the widgets communicate with other widgets?

Right now the peg is the sandbox.   But right now they can launch other widgets. We're planning some work there. on the inter process communication of widgets so that there would be some like message bus, on the phone where the widgets can exchange messages. But, thats still far off.

So now they can run simultaneously?

It depends on the implementation. WAC did not specify. For example here on Opera, you can suspend them. But on other platforms like the feature phone. It's most likely that you have to shut down. LIke any feature phone OS you have to shut down the app the same way you shut down J2ME apps if you want to switch. That is a good analogy. This is like the next, sort of the one driver of this is the lessons learned from J2ME and the J2ME app stores of developers, Let's see if web technology would push it.

Other than the Opera browser, are other browsers supported?

The company supporting WAC primarily. Opera is the well known one. Most of the implementors decided to use webkit. But there is no webkit company. It's an open source project run by Apple. But apple is not a user of WAC. Following their model, they will never be. Because WAC requires you to be able to download the apps directly here without passing the approval process. It is in the same boat as the Java interpreter. Some of them are using Webkit and some a few, 1 or 2 are using very low end browsers for a feature phone. There are companies like Access. Have you ever heard of Net Front? Those companies who make low end browsers, they are also supporting WAC.  

Discussion Video: Ramon Pastor talks about mobile apps development at Philippine Tech Startups Meetup 3 at Ubertor/OTD Offices, BGC, Taguig http://www.micro.ph/one/discussion-video-ramon-pastor-talks-about-mobile-apps-development-at-philippine-tech-startups-meetup-3-at-ubertor-otd-offices-bgc-taguig Fri, 03 Jun 2011 13:33:24 +0800 Microphone Tech Startup http://www.micro.ph/one/discussion-video-ramon-pastor-talks-about-mobile-apps-development-at-philippine-tech-startups-meetup-3-at-ubertor-otd-offices-bgc-taguig
Ramon Pastor of Numlock Solutions talks about the mobile app market and development in the Philippines.

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Part I

What does the company do?

Just a short introduction on what we do, I am the managing partner of numlock solutions, We're into Iphone and Android applications, So the first app was released last 2009 was wallet wiz, Its in the appstore. It is a budgeting app, A personal budgeting app. There is also a free version called Wiz Lite. Later that year we also released Desk Wiz which is a digital photo frame/ Music player which basically replace your digital photo frames, it is also for the Iphone, also available in the Appstore. We also released Mind mash which is there on the first day of the Ipad launch. Even though i didn't have an ipad that time, i really took the risk, I used the simulator and I simulated it out even testing it on a device. It was fun! Recently the Street Mart is our first multi platform app for both Iphone and Android, Street Mart is a user contributed traffic  reporting app. Users contribute traffic reports and you can view it on a map and you can view it in list as well. At the same time we also display the twitter stream of MMDA because they also tweet very useful traffic information. For clients, in our App last year, Does New York love you back, Its like Foursquare but centralized in New York City. We refined the back and we did the mobile app for them for Filipino in new york.

What other apps have you developed?

We also did two apps for Globe last year, They are talk to Globe and Globe services. Talk to globe is an app that Globe asks us to develop so that customers could complain to them. They are asking for it. For the iphone 4 launch, they asked us to do Globe Services, which is, using the Iphone 4 or using the stuff that IOS, taking advantage for the new stuff in IOS 4, like the sms facilities, you can subscribe to postpaid, prepaid and super plan offers, at the same tie you can view the nearest hotspots and Globe Stores.

Can you tell us more about the mobile apps. industry?

Today I will try to talk about developing mobile apps. Android and Iphone, the two juggernauts in the app industry right now. Honestly, mobile apps have been around for some time.  But it wasn't until Apple opened the appstore and people started downloading apps by the millions that people stood up and took notice, Hey there's a budding industry here. It was so easy to download apps. To buy apps whether, to download it free or to download it for certain amounts of money. That's why mobile apps in the industry, even though it is young here in the Philippines internationally, its growing in a staggering rate. 

What are some of the popular apps?

 A couple of well known apps: Angry Birds. If you are in IOS, Iphone, Ipad.. everybody knows Angry Birds. It is one of the most popular games on the platform.  

Let us not forget about the Android, Robu defense is one of the most popular android game released on 2009. The free version has been downloaded 11 million times as of late last year. The paid version around 500 thousand times. Not Angry birds and Doodle level but 500 thousand downloads is still 500 thousand downloads so it's a lot. 

 Can you tell us about PicSay? What does it do?

PicSay is an image editing application on your android phone. Can you imagine that? A few years ago editing photos on the desktop was fairly standard and now you can do it on your phone! It's amazing! The free version has been downloaded 4 million times and the paid version has been downloaded 100 thousand times. Pretty good figures not phenomenal but pretty good.

How popular are mobile phones becoming?

These figures were released last year. Maybe towards the middle of the year. February 2010 there were 4.6 Billion mobile phone subscription in use on a planet of 6.8 Billion people. Can you imagine that? Almost 5 Billion smart phones for almost 7 billion people. That is 5 every 7 people has a mobile phone. 


Part II

What are the predictions regarding smart phones?

They are predicting by 2012, smart phones would over take PC shipments. So smart phones is a sub category of mobile phones which are basically more powerful versions of your regular phones and that's what mobile apps are running on these days. In 2009 there were actually 100 million smart phone users. By 2013 they are predicting that there would be 1 billion! That's crazy. 1 billion out of 8 billion people or maybe less. So 1 out of 8 people in the world will have a smart phone. In 2009, 173.5 Million smartphone sales, 2010, 269.6 Million, so there is an incredible growth in smart phone sale. So that is the hardware. The platform where the mobile app runs.

What about the predictions for market and revenues for smart phone apps?

In 2009 the revenues for smart phone apps, 1.7 billion, so far August 2010, that was just 8 months. 2.2 billion so it is a growing market. It is a very big market and it is just going to grow even bigger in the future. Like what they said, it could reach 15 billion dollars by 2013. This is one market that I think a lot of people would want to be in. 4. 5 billion in 2009 and 25 billion in 2015. Another, or a different company release the projections. They are very optimistic about the mobile app market. 7 billion downloads of apps in 2009, 50 billion downloads by 2012, thats almost times 2 in a matter of 3 years. These are just projections, they might be optimistic, the might be even be pessimistic. No one predicted the growth of mobile apps  a few years ago. I mean, if you are going to ask a normal user of smart phones a few years ago, What apps do you have in your phone? maybe they would have one, two, or three. in my Nokia61 I have maybe 3 or 4 apps, but now on my iphone I have more than a 100 apps! I mean it's crazy.

How do you start developing you mobile apps and what platform would you suggest?

Of course you have to have your platform. Numlock is active in the Apple app store and active on IOS. We are starting to be active on Android though the streets marts since it has a tie-up with Globe, there is an agreement that they can exclusively distribute the app. Street mart for the Android. So as a personal choice, I chose Apple and Google Android. Remember, Apple is not the number one platform, worldwide. It is not even Blackberry, but Blackberry is a player with the blackberry app world. Nokia is the number one smart phone platform worldwide. Although they have not taken advantage of the developers, the platform is there. So you can signed up with the Nokia Ovi store. Pal was a big player 10 years ago. Palm Pre. Palm 3, the series of PDAs. Now they are a small player, but they have a very nice platform. If you want to take the risk, and recently the HP bought them. So they have the HP juggernaut behind them. So If you want to take the risk, go with the HP Palm, You can sign up for the Palm app Catalogue. We can never discount Microsoft. Windows CE was the darling of the mobile industry a few years back as well. I have this before and I loved it. But after Apple released the Iphone, after Android surged, they became forgotten. Recently they launched an outstanding platform, Windows phone 7. If you are a Microsoft guy, check it out.

So how do you start? What tools do you need?

For Apple, you have the IOSSDK and a MAC. So there is no way around it. If you want to develop for Apple, for IOS you need a Mac. For Android, you can choose your platform, Linux, Mac or windows and use Eclipse. Not only for Android but also for Blackberry and for Palm. That's the recommended setup. Eclipse plus any of those platforms. Nokia for the Qt SDK for the OVI store, any platform plus the Qt SDK.  Windows phone developer tools, requires Microsoft windows. You have a lot of choice, it is really up to you.

What are the differences in developing for the web and developing for mobile phones?

Devices. Here is the one big difference for developing for the web and developing for mobile. Actually when numlock started was starting in 2008, we were a web company. One of our partners, she was a PHP MySql veteran, we envision ourselves as a web company when  we started out. But after a few months we decided to do mobile.  One big difference  is that you have to invest to test devices. It would take up a big portion of your budget, no way around it. Unless of course you sign up to sites like device anywhere which provides outsource on device testing. But of course, there is nothing better in testing it in an actual device. if you thought that multi - browsers was difficult, can  you imagine multi devices. IOS is relatively easy. You only think about three devices: iphone, ipad, ipod touch. The Iphone and the Ipod Touch, The specs are normally parallel. The Iphone 4 for is with high resolution is another factor to consider. Android, there are tons of devices.  From the China - knock offs, A pad, The E pad, all those non - ipads, all the way to of course the Galaxy tab, as of now, the most lust worthy,  Android tablet in the market. You have the tons of tablets being introduced in CES, some run Android, some run on Windows. Although that is not the windows mobile, that is the windows desktop platform. Blackberry, lots of devices as well, but the selection is quite limited. So it's up to you. Meego, Symbian, Maemo, are all Nokia Platforms. Although If I am not mistaken, they have chosen Meego as a platform of choice moving forward. Palm Web OS and windows phone 7. So when you choose a platform, you invest to test device, and you go with it.

What can you say about the mobile developers in the Philippines? What about the start ups?

To be honest, the mobile developers in the Philippines, there a few companies that are dedicated to mobile development. Some of the big companies who started with the other platforms, they are also moving to mobile, or expanding into mobile. But among the startups, there are very few, mostly free lancers and entrepreneurs. Sometimes you need help, you have questions, I am actually a founding member of the Philippine Mobile Developers group. We are a small group. We're composed of developers enthusiast. You can sign up with google groups or Facebook group or find us in twitter.


Introducing MobileMonday Manila http://www.micro.ph/one/introducing-mobilemonday-manila Fri, 03 Jun 2011 11:52:49 +0800 Microphone General http://www.micro.ph/one/introducing-mobilemonday-manila Last May 9, 2011, the Philippine Chapter of MobileMonday community launched MoMo Manila as the 121st chapter of the MobileMonday Global network. Mobile Monday has already marked its presence in 35 countries all over Asia, Pacific, Europe, North & Latin America at 70+ chapters.

But what is MobileMonday?

MobileMonday (MoMo) is an open community platform of mobile industry visionaries, developers and influential individuals fostering brand-neutral cooperation and cross-border P2P business opportunities through live networking events to demo products, share ideas and discuss trends from both local and global markets.

The event was held at
BBDO Guerrero | Proximity Philippines in Makati City. 

The topic of the premiere event was "The Future of Mobile Innovation in the Philippines" and the invited speakers gave their respective point of views based on their expertise.

Manolo Almagro
(Independent consultant from the US, with over 15+ years of expertise working for global brands, specializing in building revenue generating, unified customer experiences across multiple digital channels) discussed the future of m-commerce - specifically for the QSRs in the Philippines.

The Future of Mobile Innovation by Manolo Almagro

Matt Briant (Sales Director of Out There Media in the Asia Pacific region) will be tackling the subject of mobile advertisements, what works and what else could possibly catch on in the Philippines.

Gio Bacareza (Head of Broadband, Internet and Data Services at Smart Communications, Inc.) will be discussing mobile Internet in the Philippines.

The Future of Mobile by Gio Bacareza
Missed the event? Worry no more.. MobileMonday Manila will be held every month. Check out our Tech Event Schedule at Micro.ph/one for more updates.
]]> Ubertor hosts PhRUG's first Ruby Rumble Practice, a one-day development hackathon at OTD Offices, Bonifacio Global City http://www.micro.ph/one/ubertor-hosts-phrug-s-first-ruby-rumble-practice-a-one-day-development-hackathon-at-otd-offices-bonifacio-global-city Sat, 28 May 2011 23:41:10 +0800 Microphone PHRuG http://www.micro.ph/one/ubertor-hosts-phrug-s-first-ruby-rumble-practice-a-one-day-development-hackathon-at-otd-offices-bonifacio-global-city Despite the gloomy weather, 17 Ruby developers and enthusiasts took up the challenge at Philippine Ruby Users Group's first Ruby Rumble Practice and confined themselves inside the walls of Ubertor Hackerspace for a one-day development hackathon at the Outsourcing Things Done offices, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Rad Bantag, one of the event's organizers, disclosed in a recent meetup discussion that  the event provided an opportunity to produce a product or a service within a limited time and the chance for fellow PhRUG members to meet up and work together. Co-organizer Topher Rigor adds that Ruby Rumble Practice was a way for the group to prep for the upcoming Rails Rumble.



The affair ended up at 7pm and short presentations followed. An after-party ensued at the lovely Focaccia Restaurant right across the street. Bryan Bibat bested his fellow hackers with a unanimous vote with Grind, a "stupid, oiled machete-wielding" RPG game clickfest.

PhRUG would like to thank its gracious sponsors for the event:

Ubertor for the space, power and beer;

Proudcloud and Devex for the after-party

Photos of this event available on our Facebook page and Flickr!


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Swipe-Tapping with Mochibit's Swipe TapTap http://www.micro.ph/one/swipe-taptapping-with-mochibits-swipe-taptap Thu, 26 May 2011 15:28:11 +0800 Microphone Profile http://www.micro.ph/one/swipe-taptapping-with-mochibits-swipe-taptap SwipeTapTap has fast become a popular game app with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users. A creative output by MochiBitsKyle Yamamoto and Howard Dy Go, the game’s aim was to serve the general gaming public across all ages, that even your limited tech-skilled Mother would approve.
How it stands out
Already featured in Apple’s iStore New and Noteworthy list a week after they released the app for sale and in Good News with GMA news anchor Vicky Morales, this mobile game app will have a first-time player select four game modes that will ultimately test one’s motor brain performance.

STT offers 4 different games modes:
The Classic mode will have one player kill off a moving flow of orbs that attempts to touch the end part of the screen.
Memory mode is the game’s version of the classic Simon Says game. Player will have to memorize each of the nine distinct moves in random order to win the game.
The Speed mode will have a player flex his dexterity as he attempts to add the most number of correct moves under a time limit. The player will have to master more moves each time he progresses to another level.
The Endurance mode combines all three modes as the player will have to struggle memorizing and adding more moves. The player will have to have the fastest fingers and avoid having too many orbs overflow the screen.
App Specs and Creative
Creating SwipeTapTap was deemed a breeze by both Yamamoto and Go. Using Apple’s iOS XCODE SDK along with COCOS 2D, the entire creative process was said to be “too much fun to feel challenging, it was a pleasure to do it and to learn what we needed to learn to get it right”.

How we love it
Any fan of DDR games will love this game app. It may not be intricately designed, but we simply love the minimal game design aesthetic. Its simple text-and-graphic instruction allows a new user to figure out how to play it in seconds.

The game app is a great option for anyone who’d want to kill time anywhere with its feature ability to play either the game’s catchy theme song, or your soundtrack of choice from your music device without affecting game loading.

Major points for the Speed and Endurance modes. With its engaging play and warning beep sounds, we were almost a swipe and two taps away to winning coveted stars to unlock more challenging mode levels, it’s as if we can’t get enough of it.
Game App Updates

Mochibits is excited for the app developments in the coming future. They intend to release a new version that will have several changes in Classic mode:  an additional level and an extra stage for all Classic levels.

Players will also anticipate a very cool feature: the ability to play music of your choice while playing.
Moreover, the version is expected to have two more exciting modes for the serious players who can’t get enough of the variety of modes the app already has.
SwipeTapTap is available for iPhone and similar devices at the App Store now for only $1.99. Click here for purchase and hardware specifications.

"Fun game, but really does give your quick thinking/reaction skills a workout... A game worth buying."

-- Hannah, blogger, App-lySpeaking

"SwipeTapTap delivers a lot of quick entertainment... the numerous game modes keeps things fresh."
-- iPhoneInCanada.ca

"Another innovative and very addictive game... fun and great game that keeps your brain working."
-- AppBuddy.com

Upcoming Manila Tech Events (May 2011) http://www.micro.ph/one/upcoming-manila-tech-events-may-2011 Tue, 10 May 2011 00:43:53 +0800 Microphone Tech Event Schedule http://www.micro.ph/one/upcoming-manila-tech-events-may-2011 Get your calendar full this May with these upcoming events:

MoMo Manila 2011.05: "The Future of Mobile Innovation in the Philippines"
May 9th, 7:00 - 9:30pm
MobileMonday (MoMo) is an open community platform of mobile industry visionaries, developers and influential individuals fostering brand neutral cooperation and cross-border P2P business opportunities through live networking events to demo products, share ideas and discuss trends from both local and global markets.
Complete details here

Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Roadshow
May 11th, 9am - 1pm
Discover new possibilities with the latest print, mobile and interactive features using Adobe Creative Suite 5.5.
Complete details here

Startup Demo days: A Philippine Tech Startups Group timed-demo series
May 16th, 4pm - 9pm
Philippine Tech Startups presents "Startup Demo Days". This timed-demo event will allow technopreneurs their up to 10 minutes of demo-ing their startups on an eager crowd.
Complete details here

IBM Technology Conference & Expo 2011
May 17th, 9:00am - 5:00pm
IBM will be holding its annual Technology Conference & Expo. The annual IBM Technology Conference & Expo 2011 “Smart Computing” will be held at the Rizal Ballroom, Shangri-La Makati Hotel on May 17, 2011.
Complete details here

PHRUG: Ruby Rumble Practice
Hosted by Philippine Ruby Users Group: It’s an event where Filipino Rubyists gather in one location to build cool stuff.
Complete details here 

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Cloud Heads Mark Metro Manila Cloud Web Developers Group Anniversary with Meetup on New Developments in Cloud Services http://www.micro.ph/one/cloud-heads-mark-metro-manila-cloud-web-developers-group-anniversary-with-meetup-on-new-developments-in-cloud-services Thu, 28 Apr 2011 21:32:26 +0800 Microphone Cloud Dev Meetup http://www.micro.ph/one/cloud-heads-mark-metro-manila-cloud-web-developers-group-anniversary-with-meetup-on-new-developments-in-cloud-services MMCWDG4111


Top photo: Organizer Piotr Banasik hamming it up with Cloud Heads Keith Bennett and Jonathan Lansangan
Bottom photo: (L-R) Cloud Heads Elmer Rivera, Jonathan, Ron Maravilla, Piotr, Christine Morales, Mel Galima, Topher Rigor, Ming AndradaBryan Zarzuela and Michael Stephenson.
Not in photo: Cloud Head James Cottle

For these 16 Cloud Heads, nothing beats the heat better than enjoying blended beverages in hand and sharing new developments in cloud services at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Burgos Circle for the April 2011 meetup of the Metro Manila Cloud Web Developers Group.

The event had a good turnout of web developers, meetup first-timers, angel investors and cloud service enthusiasts. The meetup progressed into a roundtable discussion on a large range of topics, ranging from Amazon's cloud services and its recent gaffe and improvementsRackspace updates, to the RubyDotRed Conference in Singapore held last weekend.

A private after-party followed at co-sponsor Ubertor and Outsourcing Things Done's head offices, capping the night off with rounds of beer.

Follow us! Coverage available in our Flickr, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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Design and Tech supports Ambassadors of the Philippine Brand Exhibition and Mixer by Brian Tenorio at Trinoma http://www.micro.ph/one/design-and-tech-supports-ambassadors-of-the-philippine-brand-exhibition-and-mixer-by-brian-tenorio-at-trinoma Wed, 13 Apr 2011 21:38:30 +0800 Microphone Roofcamp http://www.micro.ph/one/design-and-tech-supports-ambassadors-of-the-philippine-brand-exhibition-and-mixer-by-brian-tenorio-at-trinoma



Manny Pacquiao, Venus Raj and 16 other personalities were recognized as AMBASSADORS OF THE PHILIPPINE BRAND in a Design + Tech Exhibition and Mixer hosted by Brian Tenorio, held at the Cinema Exhibition Area, Trinoma Mall, Quezon City last April 13th.

Sponsored by Ayala Malls and with the support by Roofcamp, the successful exhibition and mixer is part of Brian's and Design Filipino's ultimate goals: to achieve development in the Philippines through design and seek support from two of the most influential industries, design and technology, to encourage more global representation of the Filipino brand.

Brian's large and passionate exhibition not only greeted guests upon registration, but also incited interest with passerbys in the already busy mall. The mixer started at 6PM and registration saw to 150 guests from both design and technology sectors. Guests were entertained by Electronica Manila and went into serious networking over finger food courtesy of Cibo.

Check out AMBASSADORS OF THE PHILIPPINE BRAND exhibition schedule in all Ayala Malls from March 15 to May 12.

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Upcoming Manila Tech Events (April 2011) http://www.micro.ph/one/upcoming-manila-tech-events-april-2011 Mon, 11 Apr 2011 20:51:41 +0800 Microphone Tech Event Schedule http://www.micro.ph/one/upcoming-manila-tech-events-april-2011 Start marking your summer calendar with these tech events:

TECH+DESIGN MIXER @ The "Ambassadors" Cocktail Launch at Trinoma (by Brian Tenorio)
Wednesday April 13, 2011 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Brian Tenorio hosts 150+ proponents of two of the most powerful sources of innovation in the new economy – Technology and Design, coinciding with the Trinoma launch of his Ambassadors of the Philippine Brand design exhibition.
Complete details here

Philippine Ruby Users Group (PRUG/PhRUG) April Meetup at Exist TechBar, Pasig
Thursday April 14, 2011 from 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Ruby Users are invited to take the floor and do a 5-minute talk on any Ruby-related topic.
Complete details here

Startup Demo days: A Philippine Tech Startups Group timed-demo series
Monday May 16, 2011 from 4:00pm - 9:00pm
Philippine Tech Startups presents "Startup Demo Days". This timed-demo event will allow technopreneurs their up to 10 minutes of demo-ing their startups.
Complete details here

Metro Manila Cloud Web Developer Group Presents: Let's Talk about new developments in the Cloud World, an April 2011 meetup
Thursday April 28, 2011 from 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Cloud heads are invited to share new developments in the cloud world. This is a great opportunity to sync up and talk about what's new possible applications of those features.
Complete details here

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Roofcamp 12 Discussion Video: Luis Buenaventura III on Social Media Management App, infinite.ly http://www.micro.ph/one/roofcamp-12-discussion-video-luis-buenaventura-iii-on-social-media-management-app-infinite.ly Sat, 02 Apr 2011 13:14:58 +0800 Microphone Roofcamp http://www.micro.ph/one/roofcamp-12-discussion-video-luis-buenaventura-iii-on-social-media-management-app-infinite.ly Luis Buenaventura II shares their story about infinite.ly, a social media management app that seeks to unify an user's social presence online.

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Roofcamp 12 Discussion Video: Ryan Sumo on Manila GameJam http://www.micro.ph/one/roofcamp-12-discussion-video-ryan-sumo-on-manila-gamejam Sat, 02 Apr 2011 12:52:02 +0800 Microphone Roofcamp http://www.micro.ph/one/roofcamp-12-discussion-video-ryan-sumo-on-manila-gamejam
Ryan Sumo talks about Manila GameJam, a local game jam in the Philippines that is also hosted in conjunction with Global GameJam. He further dishes on this year's 48-hour grueling hackathon, where participating game developers endure power and internet outages and food catering delay to come out with stellar games.

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Roofcamp 12 Feature Video: Liezel Buenaventura and Josh Liao on Manila GameJam 2011's winning entry, Bunnypocalypse http://www.micro.ph/one/roofcamp-12-feature-video-liezel-buenaventura-and-josh-liao-on-manila-gamejam-2011-s-winning-entry-bunnypocalypse Sat, 02 Apr 2011 12:39:02 +0800 Microphone Roofcamp http://www.micro.ph/one/roofcamp-12-feature-video-liezel-buenaventura-and-josh-liao-on-manila-gamejam-2011-s-winning-entry-bunnypocalypse
What to do when you've got rabid rabbits pounding on your door and are willing to eat anything, including you? Defend yourself and your home with everyday, household items.

Game designer-and-developer duo Lizz Buenaventura and Josh Liao created Bunnypocalypse, a last-defense, 2D game in comic-book form. One of the winning entries of Manila GameJam 2011, Lizz and Josh turned cute bunnies into morbid zombies and urges you as Scott, the main protagonist of the game, to "Run, Scott, run!".

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Roofcamp 12 Feature Video: Marnielle Estrada shows his winning Manila Game Jam 2011 and Gamesauce 2011 finalist entry, Speck http://www.micro.ph/one/roofcamp-12-feature-video-marnielle-estrada-shows-his-winning-manila-game-jam-2011-and-gamesauce-2011-finalist-entry-speck Sat, 02 Apr 2011 12:25:35 +0800 Microphone Roofcamp http://www.micro.ph/one/roofcamp-12-feature-video-marnielle-estrada-shows-his-winning-manila-game-jam-2011-and-gamesauce-2011-finalist-entry-speck

One-man army Marnielle Estrada of Anino Games, with art assistance from Michael Atienza, shows off his winning creation, Speck. The particle effects game led him to snag Manila GameJam 2011's Jury Prize runner-up and Participants' Choice. His game was part of Gamesauce 2011 Challenge's Top Ten for the IGDA Global GameJam.

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Roofcamp 11 Discussion Video: Allan Mangune on Game Development for Windows Phone 7 http://www.micro.ph/one/roofcamp-11-discussion-video-allan-mangune-on-game-development-for-windows-phone-7 Sat, 02 Apr 2011 12:20:56 +0800 Microphone Roofcamp http://www.micro.ph/one/roofcamp-11-discussion-video-allan-mangune-on-game-development-for-windows-phone-7
Allan Mangune shows how one can develop game mobile apps for Windows Phone 7

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Roofcamp 11 Discussion Video: Norbert Aquende on the Metro Experience for Windows Phone 7 http://www.micro.ph/one/roofcamp-11-discussion-video-norbert-aquende-on-the-metro-experience-for-windows-phone-7 Sat, 02 Apr 2011 12:01:09 +0800 Microphone Roofcamp http://www.micro.ph/one/roofcamp-11-discussion-video-norbert-aquende-on-the-metro-experience-for-windows-phone-7
Norbert Aquende got the Philippine developer community buzzing over the UI experience of the new Windows 7 Mobile.

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Roofccamp 11 Discussion Video: Rodney Jao on Transmuting Technopreneurship Ideas to Mobile Apps in Silverlight http://www.micro.ph/one/roofccamp-11-discussion-video-rodney-jao-on-transmuting-technopreneurship-ideas-to-mobile-apps-in-silverlight Sat, 02 Apr 2011 11:45:30 +0800 Microphone Roofcamp http://www.micro.ph/one/roofccamp-11-discussion-video-rodney-jao-on-transmuting-technopreneurship-ideas-to-mobile-apps-in-silverlight  

Rodney Jao, MVP for Windows Mobile Development, inspires technopreneurs and sheds light to creating mobile app ideas with Microsoft's Silverlight.

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Cloud Heads at Metro Manila Cloud Web Developer Group Get Personal; Shares Cloud Experiences on Amazon EC2, Arcus Cloud and SpotCloud http://www.micro.ph/one/cloud-heads-at-metro-manila-cloud-web-developer-group-get-personal-shares-cloud-experiences-on-amazon-ec2-arcus-cloud-and-spotcloud Thu, 31 Mar 2011 21:13:47 +0800 Microphone Cloud Dev Meetup http://www.micro.ph/one/cloud-heads-at-metro-manila-cloud-web-developer-group-get-personal-shares-cloud-experiences-on-amazon-ec2-arcus-cloud-and-spotcloud 512.jpg

In a special edition of the Metro Manila Cloud Web Developer Group, a couple of Cloud Heads shared their cloud service preferences in a series of informative presentations for "Let's Talk Cloud Tech"

Topher Rigor went first with his take on Amazon EC2, an economical and scalable cloud-based service and how it makes his work better.

Jojo Colina followed up with his preso about a local cloud service called Arcus Cloud Server. The cloud service intends to focus on local clients in consideration of location requirements in cloud services management.

Another popular cloud-based service, SpotCloud, was raised during the q&a. SpotCloud is a cloud service that allows buyers to buy excess computing capacity at reasonable prices and is popular in transient computing users.

Big thanks to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and Dindo Fernando of Microsoft Philippines for the wonderful freebies.

More photos of our coverage are now available in Facebook and Flickr.

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