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Tech Org Profile: Philippine I.T. Org and founders John Remir Cueto, Tony Martinez, Bam Amor

Philippine I.T. Organization
Meet the founders; John Remir Cueto, Tony Martinez & Bam Amor.
Three founding members of the Philippine IT Organization share the mission of their organization. Learn more about how they are encouraging the use of open source amongst college and university students in the Philippines.
Founders John Remir Cueto, Tony Martinez and Bam Amor talks to about Philippine I.T. Organization.
The three founding members share the org's mission. Check out the video to know more about how they use and encourage Open Source amongst college and university students in the Philippines.

Transcript here:

(00:01),(00:05)  Opening credits roll for 5 secs.
(00:05),(00:06) Hi, I'm John!
(00:06),(00:08) My name's Bam.
(00:08),(00:14) And I'm Tony. And we're from Phil-IT.Org.
(00:14),(00:23) Tony: It's an organization for information technologists. So basically, we're being founded last April 2007.
(00:23),(00:33) And this group focuses more on, members are a lot of IT enthusiasts, and IT professionals and the likes, no.
(00:33),(00:46) Bam: Phil-IT.Org, or Philippine Information Technology Organization. Actually we focus more on sharing information and also learning more on the current (tech) trends happening in the Philippines right now.
(00:46),(00:58) John: So we are a different kind of forte, it's not just actually the three of us. We are -- how many are we? Around twenty in different fields.
(00:58),(01:10)  Bam: Right now, we are actually, me? I'm focusing more on mobile development, currently. So I'm looking into the underdeveloped platform
(01:10),(01:12) because I see a lot of potential on it.
(01:12),(01:20) And also within the new product of Microsoft, which is the Windows Mobile 7.
(01:20),(01:31) We do also have members of the organization that focuses on securities, servers, and I guess. you could say
(01:31),(01:39) we have a broad view within the information technology that focuses on different aspects of it.
(01:39),(01:43) Tony: In my part, I usually concentrate on system administration, database management.
(01:43),(01:58) But then again, I've seen Ruby on Rails in the making, so maybe, maybe, I might be able to delve into this kind of web development. Ruby on Rails.
(01:58),(02:10) John: Mine is all about infrastructure and sometimes on mobile development. So we also do the system integration.
(02:10), Bam: Okay, so currently we are invited to speak in schools, which (now) some are located in Alabang, in Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM).
(02:19),(02:25) So we are scheduled to speak about technologies and programming.
(02:25),(02:41) We'd like to invite also, if you are in the vicinity, you could come. Maybe you could learn about programming, and of course, open source, which is  what we're in to.
(02:41),(02:50) Bam: Phil-IT.Org, Also you could contact me if you want. My e-mail address is
(02:50),(02:53) Tony: Mine is
(02:52),(03:02) Closing credits roll.