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Nov 13 DevCon @ WebGeek Highlights

Devcon@Webgeekph: 11.13.201006

We just capped Saturday with an activity-filled DevCon @ WebGeek PH. The one-of-a kind event produced 100-strong group of developers, technopreneurs, IT students and web enthusiasts. Within the first hour, the offices of OTD/Ubertor had to put up a "full event" sign at the door.

DevCon @ WebGeek PH was an evident success, and head organizers John of WebGeek PH and Ida of DevCon PH would like to give credits to the following:

Lightning Talks speakers:
Joey Gomez De Jesus on "Microsoft Expression Blend and Silverlight";
Kevin Leversee on "Chaos, Control and the Cloud";
Kristel Cuenta on "make MOney Blogging";
Jon Limjap on "Windows Phone 7 says 'Hello World'";
Princess of Globe Labs.

Microsoft Philippines;
OTD/Ubertor for the beer and the venue.

One memorable highlight was Birds of a Feather, an informal debate on a particular discussion. A three-round discussion about the benefits of Windows versus Mac versus Linux generated much banter from opposing sides, and the whole crowd got into it.

Devcon@Webgeekph: 11.13.201017

 Kudos to the following participants who provided everyone laughs and insights on the three OS:

Mark and John for Windows/Microsoft
Kevin and Dave for Mac
Aris and Orlee for Linux

10 free web hosting services, courtesy of Marlon Guzman of SolidHosting.PH, were given out to 10 lucky winners. T-shirts were also given away by being thrown into the crowd of eager attendees.

Pizza and donuts were a nourishing respite to the affair. And because of the large crowd, people were working on their networking skills while throwing back beers and waging Nerf gun wars.

Geeks certainly know how to have fun, and we were told some of them continued with the festivities to nearby Encore.

DevCon @ WebGeek PH was streamed live and recorded via UStream. Catch the entire event by subscribing to our channel.