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Cloud Heads Got Personal in Open Discussion Meetup of Metro Manila Cloud Web Developers Group, February edition @ Ubertor Hackerspace

From left: Cloud Heads Topher, Piotr, Ely, Chris and Peterson after an intense meetup

Cloud Heads got personal during the February 2011 edition of the Metro Manila Cloud Web Developer Group meetup at the Ubertor Hackerspace/Outsourcing Things Done Offices, The Fort, Bonifacio Global City.

The meetup was a departure to the usual, allowing every Cloud Head the opportunity to share the floor and share experiences, issues, and feedback about anything Cloud.

Organizer Piotr Banasik opened the group discussion, sharing his insights, among them were on how to achieve savings in web hosting services and why he is a convert to popular Cloud service Amazon EC2.

Peterson Salamat on the Cloud service he is currently using:
It's a pay-per-use scheme, so you pay only for the bandwidth that you use. Even if you keep your server up 24/7, you pay only for how much users who actually transact on your site.
Compared to other hosting services, I think I'm saving more than 80% percent (in hosting costs) in savings.

First-timer and newly-minted Cloud Head Ely Alcantara on his interest with the Cloud:
(I'm) Quite interested to learn more about Cloud technology. Yeah, so I have a website that and I was thinking, "What would be the (cloud service) possibility for me to benefit for my website?"
So, I'm here (at the meetup) for it, and learning something, learning a new idea.

Big thanks were extended to Peterson, Chris Misola, Topher Rigor and Ely for coming in. The guys shared a fridgeful of beer courtesy of Outsourcing Things Done.

Missed this event? Share your personal experiences with the Cloud on the group's blog at Photos available in Flickr and on our Facebook page.

Got a tech group? Hosting your first meetup? Contact us and we'll see what we can do.