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Five months, 42 blog posts, and 39 videos later, we are slowly putting a face on the Filipino Geek and introducing him/her to the world.

Since we said Hello World on July 29th, we are proud of the many accomplishments of, a community initiative that supports all things tech in the Philippines. We have fostered and aided existing tech community groups. We have documented stories of startups and developers in the Filipino community and provided promotional materials to help establish the identity of the Filipino Geek and re-introduce him/her to the rest of the world.

We are slowly seeing our mission become reality. We have shared with you our high-quality video content of event highlights and presentations of tech enthusiasts and user groups, and are in talks to incorporate more tech groups in our roster who shares the same vision as ours.

From the overwhelmingly positive feedback to the not-so-positive criticism we have received, we are grateful for all your support to pursue this ambitious cause. As a tech media initiative in the Philippines, we will strive to provide high-quality content and real-time news coverage of the Philippine tech community for years to come.


1. Technopreneurship in the Philippines

technopreneurship32010 was an inspiring year for technopreneurs and enthusiasts. Insync’s worldwide launch in September was a shining beacon for Filipino startups in the global market. The app nabbed a coveted spot in Asia’s Top 50 Apps. Terence Pua and his team’s hard work certainly put the Philippines on the map, earning glowing reviews from reputable tech media blogs TechCrunch, The New York Times, VentureBeat, CNet, Lifehacker, and DownloadSquad.

Interest in technopreneurship was drummed up thanks largely to meetups that featured talks about startups and showcased successful technopreneurs.

Scott Henderson of Bookmans shifted the company’s brick-and-mortar operations to the virtual market with Ibba Bernando with Young Focus Foundation and the Junior Chamber International gave hope to the 20 Smokey Mountain scholars of, an educational program that teaches the wonders of blogging and media technology. Melvin De La Vivas recounted ways of how to start up a startup, while Matthew Pontoles shared his story on his Startup Experience.

The need to cater to this group perhaps inspired Brian Tan Seng and other technopreneurs to officiate a group on tech startups.

Attendance for meetups for tech startups were high, as meetups play hosts to guests who shared insights on the other ends of the technopreneurship industry.

Reuben Canlas, Jr. gave an optimistic forecast about technopreneurship in the country:

“I see a lot of startups coming out, a lot of interest in technopreneurship. And if the country supports this, we might get into, break into the global market. I see a lot of talent. We’ve always have a lot of these talent, and many of the Filipinos who have those talent have always gone abroad or work for someone else, but now, why don’t we work for ourselves and maybe keep the wealth within the country?”

Chin Hin Low shares a school of thought on a major ingredient in realizing global growth for a startup.

"It's about financing a business idea. it's not. The truth is, venture capital financing bake ideas. If your market is too small, you have to assume that venture capital has minimum investment requirement."

"So if they're gonna put in significantly, to build a venture capital, you have to invest millions and millions of dollars. If you invest millions of dollars, you need to make high returns. and the only way to make high returns is for the business to grow big. So if your business cannot grow really really big, there's no way a venture capital can invest in you..."

he growth of startup enthusiasts and startup-centered groups is overwhelming, and with  these type of meetups perhaps starting with a great idea doesn't need to come with a huge budget but by employing partners who may be contributory to a startup growth.

2. For the love of the Cloud
2010 was the year of the Cloud for meetups, and is also the year when a dedicated user group for Cloud was born.

Metro Manila Cloud Developers Group, helmed by Piotr Banasik, gave us an opportunity to compile and share discussion videos regarding Cloud technology: why Cloud is popular, how manageable Cloud technology is, Cloud-ready applications and EC2 Micro Instances.

The love for the Cloud wasn’t lost on other enthusiasts like Kevin Leversee and his presentation "Chaos, Control and the Cloud".

3. Open source

open source1A growing sense of openness has shifted more people into exploring and sharing information on improving open source software.

We covered a couple of PHRuG meetups from our guest editor Piotr Banasik, and were introduced to Redis, a somewhat speedy and flexible keystore "database", by Rad Batnag . Tricks you can do with user interfaces that big websites do like Gmail by Rico Sta. Cruz, Rails FTW (Rails For the Windows) by Bry Bibat, and advanced Cucumber techniques by Topher.

Brian Tan Seng offered a very extensive presentation about Scrum's advantages as an Agile software development strategy. Michael Marin shared how about Agile as a more realistic project management approach in a WebGeek PH meetup.

4. The Evolution of Unconferences


The number of “unconferences” hosted has increased as observed with the numerous events that covered in the last two quarters and the number of user and tech groups that we were acquainted with in our encounters. And we saw why this type of social gathering is popular; people with similar interests share and inspire ideas in a comfortable, informal, friendly atmosphere.

Though we can’t vouch if the number of events happening is already the norm considering that this is our first year, it is evident that the continuity of valuable social relationships in online communities requires physical meetups.

unconference2We were witness to the Filipino tech’s growing community on our first assignment from Jay Fajardo for Roofcamp: Roofcamp #9. The huge turnout gave us an idea of the magnitude of our mission. We also celebrated WebGeek PH’s first anniversary, and captured John Arce’s inspiring speech to WebGeeks on having such a well-syndicated online community.

Our continuous immersion to such local events inspired us to foster six tech user groups: PHRuG, WebGeek PH, Metro Manila Cloud Web Developer Group, Roofcamp, Philippine Tech Startups and the Philippine IT Organization. The exclusivity of attendance was brought down a few more notches that it gave an opportunity for user groups to come together for joint meetups.

The exclusivity of attendance was brought down a few more notches that it gave an opportunity for user groups to come together for joint meetups. Both DevCon @ WebGeek PH and GTUG PH and Google Android Developers Group meetup were successes as they brought in diverse crowds, which were great for networking and collaboration of ideas.

5. Mobile Technology
mobile tech
With the insurgence of foreign and local-brand smartphones flooding the Philippine market, why shouldn’t mobile development be a hot topic?

GTUG PH and Google Android Developers Group were on Android OS technology and application management, with Miguel Paraz on Web Runtime Development on Android.

Windows launched its Philippine Developer Preview of Windows Phone 7 and previewed ease of mobile development with their game and app development software. Prior to the exclusive preview, the mobile OS has its fans; Joey Gomez De Jesus on "Microsoft Expression Blend and Silverlight" and Jon Limjap on "Windows Phone 7 says 'Hello World’ demo.

Looking forward

Our 2011 calendar is already filling up with several commitments. We invite you to take this opportunity to define the Filipino Geek.

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Here’s to 2011 and another great year for the Filipino Geek!