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Swipe-Tapping with Mochibit's Swipe TapTap

May 26th, 2011
SwipeTapTap has fast become a popular game app with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users. A creative output by MochiBitsKyle Yamamoto and Howard Dy Go, the game’s aim was to serve the general gaming public across all ages, that even your limited tech-skilled Mother would approve.
How it stands out
Already featured in Apple’s iStore New and Noteworthy list a week after they released the app for ... has Our Newest Fandom Obssessions

February 10th, 2011
Have a knack for the odd and amazing? intends to satiate fanboy obsessions with an Internet meme of categories paying homage to the odd and amazing. Inspired by rare objects and oddities that were featured on Discovery Channel’s aptly-called Oddities, Founder Hanniel Yucoco’s startup idea is fast becoming a favorite hub of fanboys and enthusiasts alike.

How It Stands O ...

InSync World Wide Launch ( Exclusive)

September 16th, 2010

Check out Microphone team’s real-time, exclusive coverage of Insync’s worldwide launch here!

Insync, a Philippine-based startup company, launched its own sync-and-share web application to the world on September 14 this year. With basic storage features and special local hard drive synchronization,  the Google-based web app promises to be a tough contender against open storage system ser ...

Tech Org Profile: Philippine I.T. Org and founders John Remir Cueto, Tony Martinez, Bam Amor

September 8th, 2010

Philippine I.T. Organization
Meet the founders; John Remir Cueto, Tony Martinez & Bam Amor.
Three founding members of the Philippine IT Organization share the mission of their organization. Learn more about how they are encouraging the use of open source amongst college and university students in the Philippines.
Founders John Remir Cueto, Tony Martinez and Bam Amor talks to Micro. ...