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WebGeek PH @ The Fort Highlights


We've just covered the recently-concluded WebGeek Meetup @ The Fort, and WebGeek PH co-founders John and Jeff are extremely grateful to the following people:


Main sponsors Ubertor and OTD c/o Mike Stephenson for the spooky hangout, fridge-load of beers and cool preso equipment;


Steve Jagger of Ubertor for his eye-opening preso on Social Media as a very powerful Sales and Marketing Tool;


Michael Marin with his preso about Agile as a more realistic project management approach;


Chin Hin Low of Philabs, Alvin of MunchPunch and the Phil. IT Org people,


And finally, the Webgeek regulars and too many fresh faces who graced the event.

Check out some more Flickr photos here. Video highlights coming soon!

Webgeek regulars and newcomers;