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First Wikipedia Kapihan @ Starbucks Drive-Thru, The Fort (Video Highlights)

Eugene Alvin Villar, Board Member of Wikimedia Philippines and President of on:

Update on ongoing WMPH projects?
We have a WikiFact project. It's at least, for the articles of the Philippine places like cities, provinces and municipalities. We want to improve the articles on Wikipedia about these places so that people who read about the places in the Philippines can learn more about these towns.
So, the project aims to improve the articles, provide more facts.

How can an enthusiast contribute to the project?
In order for people to really understand about their place, it would be nice if they could look at pictures. For example, the churches, the towns, the landmarks of these places and cities.
So for people who do not have the flair of writing articles, they can just contribute pictures of their hometowns, and stuff like that. And people (viewers) can see these pictures on Wikipedia.

If you want to know more about their future projects and how you can contribute free information for Wikipedia Philippine places, visit their website for more information.