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Metro Manila Cloud Web Developer Group Hosts January 2011 Meetup (Video Highlights)

Jeremy Snyder of Amazon Web Services Singapore quoted on his first-ever visit in the Philippines and the Philippine developer community:
Yeah, it's been great! It's been busy but very exciting. And I think there's a lot of interesting stuff that goes on here.
Very good companies that we met with and it was a very great event tonight! I was happy to be able to join!

Christopher Misola, mobile developer quoted on tech meetups he attended the past year:
We usually have these scheduled tech events under Microsoft, so we also have events for mobile developers.

Sandra Seifert, beauty queen and technopreneur on her first time attending a tech meetup:
We're here also because we hope to learn a lot, and of course, network. Because we, ourselves are working very hard on an upcoming project, a site actually. A destination site and beyond.

Stefano Fazzini, technopreneur, on what inspired him to have an Internet startup:
Basically, from the university, I always wanted to start up a business and I think a website is the easiest way to achieving that.
And it was a passion of mine to start something as well through the Internet.

Christian Fazzini, developer and technopreneur, on how he, his brother Stefano and friend Sandra came to know about the meetup:
We were contacted through e-mail and then he (Jeremy) told us about the event. And he said why not come in and see us tonight? And we were interested. That's how we ended up here!