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Roofcamp #12 Demo Night for for Social app and Manila GameJam 2011 Game Dev Hackathon Winners(Video Highlights)

Luis Buenaventura II, developer and technopreneur on:

Their newest social media management app on the market: is what we call a universal fanpage builder. And by fanpage, we mean the kind of fanpage you see on Facebook. But, it's universal because it can bring together stuff from Twitter, Facebook, Flicker and Youtube.
So, several different social networks can all be aggregated within that one thing.

His hands-on, personal experience with startups:
If you're the kind of company that relies on Agile development, believes in iterations, and you know, just being flexible generally, you're never gonna run out of things that you can fix, that you can improve, that you can debug, that you can throw away.
And actually, throwing away things is, that's probably one of the most important aspects of design.
Just being able to throw things out and start over, and the willpower of getting rid of things you spent months working on, it makes me cry every time I think about it, but, this is the kind of thing that builds products and makes products great.

Ryan Sumo on Manila GameJam:
The Manila GameJam is an event that coincides with the Global GameJam, which is a 48-hour event where game developers form around the world come together to make games over a span of 48 hours.

Josh Liao on creating one of Manila GameJam 2011's winning entries with Liezel Buenaventura:
Liezel and I made a game called "Bunnypocalypse". It's an adventure game in comic-book form. It's about evil bunnies taking over the world.

Marnielle Estrada on his Manila GameJam 2011's winning entry, which ranked eight on Gamesauce Challenge, an IGDA Global GameJam collaborated event:
I created a game named "Speck". So, it's a particle effects game where you gather specks for the particles, and then they can deploy cannons so you can destroy enemies and stuff.