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Roofcamp #12 Demo Night for Social app and Manila GameJam 2011 Game Dev Hackathon Winners


In this photo: Roofies huddled up for this group shot for posterity

We just finished coverage of Roofcamp #12, and we are truly excited for the Filipino developers community in the game app development. This edition of Roofcamp was definitely demo night for Roofies at old favorite venue Cafe Alfonso Makati.

Socializing started early and extended way over the 6pm schedule. People were reacquainting with old contacts and meeting new ones over bottles of beer while waiting for more Roofies to fill the venue.

Luis Buenaventura went up first, and shared his own startup experiences. He also recounts his team's development of, a social media management app initially intended for marketing and PR agencies. Eventually, Luis and his co-creators discussed their need to reshaped their startup brand to cater to their new target market.

Ryan Sumo gave a brief introduction of how 2 year-old Manila GameJam came to be.  He also introduced the winners of its recently-held 48-hour game development hackathon:

Marnielle Lloyd Estrada impressed the Roofies with his acclaimed entry "Speck" where its game objective is similar to Pacman's but with a twist.

Team Angry Robots Attack Liezl Buenaventura (designer) and Josh Liao (developer) for Bunny Pocalypse, a 2D comic-book game. Game synopsis is to arm and protect one's self from rabid bunnies.

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