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Wikimedia Philippines Changes Meetup with First Wikipedia Kapihan @ Starbucks Drive-Thru, The Fort


In this photo: Meeting of the minds: Wikimedia Philippines with members of the Philippine IT Organization

We just wrapped up coverage of Wikimedia Philippines' (WMPH) first Wikipedia Kapihan. This unstructured-themed meetup intends to invite more Wikipedia enthusiasts to pitch in efforts to ongoing national projects has pursued for the past years.

Despite the very hot weather, Wikipedians  enjoyed their cold, blended javas and shared insights on how to reintroduce two of WMPH's projects and encourage content contribution from its current members and non-members.

The WikiFact project aims to collate accurate historical, cultural and statistical information of various cities and municipalities in the Philippines. As of the moment, the only wikipedia deemed comprehensive, reliable and accurate for a Philippine location is of Manila.

Another hot topic discussed was the LGU project, which was to aim for local dialect versions of Wikipedias. Currently, there are Wikipedia versions written in Tagalog, Cebuano, Waray-waray, Bikol, Ilocano, Kapampangan, and Pangasinense.

Video and photo highlights coming soon!

Got some information about your location for the WikiFact and LGU projects? Find out how to be a article or photo content contributor on Wikimedia Philippines website or on their Facebook page.

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